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Did the questions on our home page make you think? Don't worry, most people confronted with this question struggle to answer. Many even continue to stick their head into the sand and hope misery and mild ROI's will pass, or look for other more "convenient" solutions. 

It seems that social media and social media marketing are completely new inventions. The majority of huge brands and businesses of all sizes are struggling to get their hands around the subject and hope to find ways to do better. Reasons for the many questions and unclear events on social media platforms are various and quite huge in numbers. However, after sorting it out and boiling the problems down, it comes down to one major reason why social media marketing doesn't create better returns: The understanding of what social media platforms actually are! 

Imagine the following example 20 years ago, or from today (it happens every day). A car dealership shows off their newest models in their showroom (dealership). During any given day a potential customer walks into the showroom and takes a close look, collecting brochures and other information presented around the cars. During the entire process no sales guy approached the obviously interested potential customer. After 20 minutes he/she leaves. The process repeats itself many more times throughout the day, month or year. If you are the owner of this dealership, how would you feel about this? Note: Nothing against car dealerships, this happens in any other industry as well. This is just an example and serves the purpose of explaining.

Let's go back into today's so called fast paced business and marketing world. The events described above happen every day on millions of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or any other social media platform brands and businesses use to show off their brand, products and services. Some allow 2,000,000 million people to like and comment on their Facebook page without responding in any form. This is no different to the case above. Your Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social media platform is your "showroom" or store. People that show up here and leave a mark are interested in your brand, products or services. They might not all buy right away, but at least they have their own network you can tap into, if you interact. And the funny thing is, they like it better to share on social media than they do in "the real world".

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