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Maxus1 Communications:

Maxus1 Communications is a New York City marketing and communications firm. We provide professional services in marketing, brand marketing, social media marketing, communications and business for various industries. We provide professional services globally. 

We strive to help you to promote and market your brand, products and services while keeping a close look at business development and your bottom line. We do more than just give you an internet and social media presence. Read here about our opinion about social media, marketing and sales.  

Decades of practical, and successful, do-it-on-the-job experience in marketing, business, business development and social media across industries have created leadership knowledge and abilities that can help you to reach your goals and improve your bottom line. For more information on how we can help you please contact us via email.

The Main Street Analyst:

The Main Street Analyst is Maxus1 Communications' blog and publishing and promotion tool. We post information, tips and knowledge around the topics of marketing, social media, business and many other interesting and related issues influencing you and your business. Visit The Main Street Analyst here for hundreds of info and video graphics and articles related to marketing, social media and business. The blog is information sharing, a knowledge base and sometimes just plain interesting and pure fun. The blog is enjoying a regular global audience from every continent and from 190 countries. 

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